FSD7 Symposium 2022 > Topics

Specific topics of the symposium are:

1. Designing farming systems and climate services for adaptation to climate change and climate variability

2. Multi-scale and multicriteria trade-off analysis to design sustainable and healthy agri-food systems

3. Methods and tools to accelerate out-scaling and up-scaling of innovations in agriculture

4. Assessment of socio-ecological resilience in agricultural landscapes

5. System design in agriculture: state of the art and recent conceptual and methodological developments

6. Accelerating agriculture transformation with big data, remote sensing and models

7. Addressing the gender dimension of agricultural transformation

8. Policies and institutional requirements to address SDGs through agricultural development

9. Improving agriculture performance while decreasing synthetic input use : which progress?

10. Farming (pollination, crop protection) and feeding (human and animals) with insects

11. Migration, conflicts and instability: is agriculture part of the problem or of the solution?

12. Are development agencies and donors using the outcome of Farming Systems Design research?

13. Climate smart, nutrition sensitive and job creative irrigated systems based on agro-biodiversity

14. Contribution of the Rainfed cereal based systems to the food basket of the drylands

15. The future of low rainfall agro-sylvo-pastoral systems under climate change: trends and opportunities for enhanced sustainability

16. Integrated desert farming systems: scope and constraints for a sustainable expansion of agriculture in the deserts

17. On-farm use of non traditional water (treated wastewater, saline water) for food production

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