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Farming System Design (FSD7) Webinars on Capacity Development in Systems Research for the transformation of agri-food systems to achieve Sustainable Development Goals under climate change, March 22-25, 2021.

A series of short and interactive webinars is planned to take place in order to foster the engagement of young scientists in the value and function of systems research to support the transformation of agri-food systems to reach the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) - to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030 (UN, 2019), as well as related SDGs under climate change. It is envisaged that the webinars will maintain momentum for the FSD7 Symposium which has been postponed to 20-23 March 2022 due to COVID-19.

The webinars will build on abstracts submitted for the FSD7 Symposium and on the outcome of the recent scientific dialogue on “Systemic Transformation of the drylands agri-food systems of Africa and Asia” between the DryArc Initiative of the 9 CGIAR centers and Australian Institutions for Research and Development that took place in August and September 2020. The webinars will also form part of the FSD7 International Course for design and assessment of rainfed farming systems in North Africa and the Middle East which will be held in Tunis in March 2021. While not exclusive, the focus of the webinars will be transformation of agri-food systems in the dry regions. The output of the webinars will be an online proceeding of the presentation and of the actions points to help a group of young scientists to start or amplify their research on agri-food systems transformation in the drylands and be involved in specific sessions during the FSD7 symposium in 2022.

Date and time

March 22-25, 2021. 10:00AM to 12:00PM (GMT+2 time)

Participants and participation

Anticipated number of participants for each webinar is between 50 and 100, especially from the drylands of Africa and Asia. The webinars will be free of charge, but participants will need to register in advance.

Presenters will be selected from those that have submitted abstracts to the FSD7 and will include scientists and invited speakers from research institutions and development agencies.

The webinars are envisaged to be interactive, with the full engagement of young scientists.  To ensure a dynamic and participatory process, discussion papers by Presenters will be made available on the website ahead of time for review, comments, and questions from participants which will inform discussions during the webinars.

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Webinar organization

Technical backstopping (pre, during and post activities) of the webinar organization will be ensured by a dedicated team from CIHEAM and ICARDA. Each webinar will have a lead scientist working with this team and a co-lead who will also be the moderator of the webinar.

Organizers of the webinar can be reached at: fsd7@sciencesconf.org

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