FSD7 Symposium 2022 > Aims

The symposium will be organized around three pillars:

The first pillar is to present, discuss and integrate recent scientific findings which contribute to the analysis, assessment and design of resilient/sustainable farming systems in general and in the dryland agro-ecosystems in particular (irrigated, rainfed, agro-pastoral, desert farming). Work which notably deals with the role of agro-biodiversity observed at plot, farm or territory level in resilient farm system design will be encouraged. Integrated approaches of water management, re-use and accounting in farming systems sustainability is also expected to be addressed. Research results documenting the interactions between agricultural systems and food systems, policies, market and natural resource management (water, soils, rangelands…) are also welcome. This symposium will also encourage methodological contributions aiming for multi-actor, multi-scale and multi-criteria design if applicable to the dry regions. In order to confront research findings with farming reality in the dry regions, a specific day will be dedicated to on-farm workshops.

The second pillar is the strengthening of capacity development for young researchers (doctoral and post-doctoral students, especially women) in the form of forums and short intensive training courses dedicated to the design of resilient/sustainable production systems in dry regions.

The third pillar is to strengthen the collaboration between the public and private sectors to support the out-scaling of innovative technologies, tools and organizations for nutrition-sensitive, climate smart and job-providers agri-food systems in the Dry Areas. A specific day during the conference will be dedicated to exchanges of results and projects with NGOs, international organizations, professional organizations and private companies.

Different activities are planned to accommodate with the diversity of participants and their expectations as round tables with donors and scientists, field visits, success and failure stories, world cafe, testimonials, special guests.

Main activities of this event will be streamed online.

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