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Systemic transformation of agri-food systems to reach synergies between SDG1 (no poverty) and SDG2 (no hunger) under climate change, water scarcity and planetary boundaries: An insight on the opportunities and pathways for transformation and implementation

22 March 2021: 10:00AM to 12:00PM (GMT+2 time)

Chaired by Jacques Wery (ICARDA, Egypt) and Rabi Mohtar (AUB, Lebanon)

Session objectives

The webinar aims to discuss opportunities and pathways to implement development projects in the drylands of Africa and Asia, recognizing that approaches based on a single technology (e.g. new varieties) a single commodity (e.g. wheat) or a single resource (e.g. water) are not sufficient to achieve a sustainable transformation of agri-food systems and synergies between  SDG1 (no poverty) and SDG2 (no hunger) under climate change and within planet boundaries. The role of systems research for a systemic transformation in development projects will be discussed based on examples of action research, systems modelling and participatory research in different regions.

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